Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mia Fonssagrives and Vicky Tiel 1960's Fashion Design Team

A brilliant piece of fashion history in this 1960s Butterick Young Paris Designer original sewing pattern from Mia Fonssagrives and Vicky Tiel.Vicky Tiel and her partner Mia Fonssagrives launched the miniskirt and lace panty hose in Paris in 1965. Vicky went on to design such fabulous dresses as the red dress Julia Roberts wore to the opera in the movie Pretty Woman, while Mia left the design team and went on to become a practicing artist who continues to sculpt, paint and create fine jewelry.


The Max collector said...

Dear Sandmarg. I am a PETER MAX collector and uber-fan of his historic accomplishments. LAst year you had a print of the Car PANOPTICON, and now that I am writing a book on PETER, I wanted to make reference on the 1964 exhibition, so I wander if you kept some images of the print in a good resolution and relevant information on this event that I could use.



sandmarg said...

Hello Ed

Here's a link

The original was from the American magazine Horizon and sadly I didn't keep a copy of the image.


sandmarg said...

Here's another link to flickr

Geraldine said...

Groovy baby! I had a dress in burguany very similar to this as a young girl. I LOVED it! So much fun to browse your blog this morning. I was on a cookbook search actually.

Geraldine said...

make that burguandy!!!