Friday, February 26, 2010

What I'm Serving for Dessert Tonight

I discovered these delicious Belgian Chocolate Fruit Chocs fruit bites on my last trip past the freezer section of my local Costco and had to share them with you (well, you wish!) They're delectable 100% real fruit, dipped in Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate. Best of all, they average about 25 calories each. They're best eaten when cold and not frozen but I can never wait!

Winsome Way to Display China Plates

This is an especially elegant way to display china plates on a wall. Select the plates and paint color to coordinate with your decor. Take a piece of wood, measured to fit your wall, with MDF and poplar detailing held in place with adhesive. Attach the plates to the art board with plate hooks from the hardware store. Voila. Instant decor that's also totally portable for art lovers living in rental homes.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Hat Advisory

Mom always told me to wear a hat. So I've picked out one for February that will ensure survival through Snowmaggedon. This lovely 100% wool Daily hat is from the beautiful knit shop called twiglu. 100% wool. Hand knit and available in both red and purple. Twiglu also takes custom orders.