Monday, December 27, 2010

1965 Peter Max Panopticon Cars

Peter Max referred to this work as a panopticon, constructing his images from photographs, magazine illustrations, old engravings and decorative papers, pasting together only one segment of his intended composition which he then mechanically reproduced, mirror fashion over and over again to complete the circle or rectangle.

This print shows part of an automobile engine at the center and proceeds outward to a driver speeding so fast that he must resort to a parachute as a check, then on to other automobile parts and ultimately to a whirling profusion of cars.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Twenty Minute Christmas Decorating

It took eight fantastic workers from Ontario hydro more than half a day to clean up the branches from our property where they`d trimmed the hydro lines. I grabbed some of the green stuff in late October. Yesterday, I took twenty minutes out of my busy Saturday selling on Etsy to create some Christmas decor. The very verdigris urns were a gift from my friend Michael when I dropped into his shop Funk & Gruven in Belleville. You might be thinking, why is there a very banged up brass kick plate running up the side of the door? Well, it`s to prevent the dog from scratching it. The door and porch are in for a complete overhaul this spring. Honestly, I`ve already bought the paint!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1948 Christmas on the Pennsylvania Railroad

The best part about Christmas is being reunited with family both near and far. This charming Pennsylvania Railroad ad shows the train at the station as family members joyfully greet each other. A handsome horse and red sleigh await to transport happy family members home.

There`s nothing quite so pleasant as coming home again....

This beautifully nostalgic print is a work by the famous illustrator Jerome Rozen (1895-1987) whose work appeared in Country Home, Good Housekeeping, Liberty, Pictorial Review, Redbook, and The Saturday Evening Post but was most famous for his work as a pulp artist.