Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wasaga Beach

It's a cold Sunday morning and after making sure I remembered to turn the furnace back on (no wonder it was so cold last night!) I sought some feel good summer inspiration from this old postcard of Wasaga Beach. It's from the early 1960's when North America was at the height of its love affair with the car. There appears to be more cars than people on the beach (a long ago custom that has since been banned). Not entirely environmentally friendly, was it?


The Jimaiken said...

I was a kid there then. It was great. My grandmother had a store restaurant on New Wasaga Beach. Sea planes used to land on the beach and in the water to get food at Casa Loma Court and they used to give the kids rides. Care commecials used to be filmed there driving in the shallow water. I even drove my BUG in there in 1973. People used to get their legs run over by cars and some would drive the cars in the lake and wash them.Our side was taken over when a group tried to close part of the beach and make it private. There is still a functioning Maypole at one resort that used to be called Jerries, beside Blue Lagoon. As kids we used to collect pop and beer bottles from the doones to make some doe.

Heather Truster said...

I would love to have a copy of this
where can I get it?? email