Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Age of Innocence ~~ Cigarette Advertising in the 1940's

This is one of the infamous Camel cigarette ads from the 1940's that encouraged people to smoke by hiding the dangers of smoking. This ad claims that "not one single case of throat irritation is caused due to smoking Camels. " Throat specialists were sent out to examine the throats of hundreds of people from coast to coast. Included is a Smokers Report from such notables as Cole Porter and less illustrious (but just as important) people as steel worker Cyril Byrn and telephone operator Rita Edwards who liked the "mildness" of Camels. Also in this ad is the "T-Zone" ~~ T for taste and T for throat, encouraging Camel smokers to try it themselves for thirty days (and presumably become hooked for life).

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