Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Time to Take Up Sewing

If you can read, you can sew. I was one of the fortunate few, before major education spending cutbacks, who had exposure to 'home economics' with a strange but creative teacher who taught me how to make fruit salad and sew the ugliest pair of pajamas I have since never worn. She made us use ugly fabrics and repulsive sewing patterns that would have stunned a fashionista into a permanent state of schizophrenia. Somehow I graduated with the knowledge of what not to do and decided what I would do: teach myself how to really sew by the only means available, by the book. Yes, you too can learn to sew via the learn from a book method. The book pictured is from the 1950's and is a valuable resource for those who need and want to learn more. Buy one new or used or borrow one from your local library. Just get sewing!

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